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On the night that Survival of the Dead opened in theaters, I watched the film on DVR, thanks to the sneak preview on HDNet Movies, (My favorite movie channel.) and live Tweeted my review of the film. Here is what I posted.

As far as I'm concerned, George Romero can make zombie movies forever. He was born to do it & by now the films feel like a cozy blanket.

First zombie head explosion within the 1st 3 min. of the film, I like how this is beginning.

Just tied it to last film, Diary of the Dead, the lead soldier in this one, had brief cameo in last as same character

Why are we in Ireland?

I like this line: "Putting the dead to sleep, before they put all of us to sleep."

Got ourselves an ole fashion family fued, its the O'Flynns vs. the Muldoons & Patrick O'Flynn just got booted off island

Why don't zombies eat politicians? ............ Professional courtesy.

O'Flynn is offering people to come join him on island. Soldiers & wise-cracking kid they just picked up are on the way.

First Zombies on a stick. Now fishing for zombies. What's next?

@OfficialRomero - I hope you dont mind my live review of Survival of the Dead. I'm doing it out of love for your films. Enjoying it so far!

Might just be the most original way to kill a zombie... Fire extinguisher to the mouth!

Zombie driving a car. Is that some kind of social commentary there George?

Muldoon is trying to train the zombies to behave & eat something besides human flesh. Kinda hearkens back to Day of Dead

Zombie just bit her twin sister, now there's a shoot-out going on & all the zombies were released, must watch, not type.

Perfect final shot for film! I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it.

@OfficialRomero - Just finished Survival Of Dead, please keep making Dead films & I'll keep watching them! • Very fun, if you like zombie films it's a must see. Funny & thought provoking, well-made & gory in brilliant ways.

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  1. George Romero is a brilliant fim maker. This is the best movie I ever saw from him.

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