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I never had a huge interest in seeing this film, I wasn't really looking forward to revisiting that day, and I live on the west coast and didn't directly know anyone who was killed. I can't imagine what folks who were directly involved must have thought. I think it was far too early to make a film, but once the initial shock died down, people seemed to like it. I stuck it in my queue when it first came out on DVD and it finally worked it's way up.

I liked the camaraderie between the cops at the beginning, and knowing where they were headed gave me rotten feeling. But I liked how the actual attacks and the falling of the towers were handled. Seen from the perspective of those involved, no big digital explosions. We all know the footage so well, that it just wouldn't have seemed right to have it Hollywoodized.

Some of the stuff with the families was a bit cloying, begging for you to cry. And it worked for me somewhat, mostly because the memories of that day are still so fresh. This is one of the better Oliver Stone films of late, he toned down his style to fit the realistic story. But it's something I never need to watch again. United 93 was a far better film about that day, and if I want to revisit that day, I'll watch that one instead.

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