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An older film, that I had never seen and never heard anything about. Which is a rarity in my wide movie knowledge, I usually have at least some idea about most films, even if I haven't seen them. As a fan of Dennis Quad, I figured it was time to put this one behind me.

A great, dreadful beginning, that leads us to know just about everything we should about his character. The film jumps to 30 years later, when he's working as a vending machine owner in mid-Texas. He's set in his ways, and is thrown out of whack when Meg Ryan comes into his life as a woman on the run from her husband. Soon his past comes back to haunt him, which complicates things further. Includes Gwyneth Paltrow in her very first role, as a memorable character who keeps popping in.

Written and Directed Steve Kloves, who's gone on to adapt most of the Harry Potter films, has created a wonderful little thriller, with some real feeling relationships. I'm surprised he hasn't directed anything since, but I hope that he gets the chance.

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