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I really liked the Ping Brothers Thai ghost film The Eye, while not a great movie, it was full of good creepy moments. So I was looking forward to seeing their American debut. It sort of fell out of my thoughts, until I ran across it at our local Blockbuster.

It is a gorgeous film, beautiful photography and really nice production design, with the house and the sunflowers. There's some good dread built through-out, it certainly has an Asian sensibility about the scares. They really build up each moment, something that works much better on me than the quiet-and-loud-noise-jump scares of most other horror films. Unfortunately I remembered most of the scares from the trailer, so it sort of lost something.

The ending is kind of weak. I saw it coming from the moment the character showed up. And it ruins the ghost build-up and makes you question their motives. Not a bad film, worth watching as a horror-buff, but could have been better.

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