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I'd never seen this 1990 action film, with the new director's cut DVD recently released, I figured I'd check it out. Tony Scott is a great action director, but with his last few films, Deja Vu, Domino, Man on Fire, his style has become overbearing, being more about what he can do with the camera than anything else. It was nice to watch one of his earlier films, where he focused more on the characters and developing the story. When you can actually tell what's going on in the action scenes, there is a better connection for the viewer.

Revenge is a fairly simple tale, Costner falls in love with the gorgeous Madeline Stowe, who happens to be the wife of a mob boss, played by the wonderful Anthony Quinn. They try to run away together, but are stopped, after one-sexy-sex-scene, by the boss. Costner is beaten to a pulp and left for dead in the desert. Stowe's face is scarred and she's dropped off at a Mexican whorehouse. Costner survives and of course comes back for his Revenge.

He's actually sort of a badass in this film. There's some great, raw action scenes as he works his way back to the boss. The film has a couple of cheesy 80's type falling-in-love montages, but otherwise it's a pretty perfect revenge flick. Just might be my second favorite Tony Scott film after True Romance.

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