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I believe this is the 7th of the Eight Movies to Die For series that I've seen. So far I've been pretty disappointed, The Abandoned is the only one that's been scary in the least. Reincarnation I thought might give me a few chills, because the Takashi Shimizu the director of Ju-on was behind the camera; the Japanese version I found quite creepy.

I'll at least give it credit for not being the typical Japanese ghost movie with the creepy girl with long hair and white skin crawling around in the shadows. The story involves the making of a horror film about a killer who knocked off a bunch of folks in a hotel. It's based on a true story (within the film), and it just so happens that most of the people involved are reincarnated from the victims of the killing. So I'm sure you can guess, that folks start dying off again.

It never really scared me in the least. There's a couple of inventive scenes, where they're flipping back and forth in time, sort of like the end of Peter Jackson's The Frightners. If you're desperate for a horror film, this might do the trick, but don't bother if you're not a horror fan.

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