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Horror is one of my favorite genres, I try to watch at least one horror film a week. Most of them don't really scare me in the least, I just enjoy them for the creative deaths and there's always the hope of getting the chills somewhere in there. The Abandoned, which was one of the "Eight Movies to Die For" series, is the scariest movie I've seen since The Ring. There was actually a great sense of dread throughout. And the idea of your zombie-doppleganger following you around, really creeped me out for some reason. A very good use of what-wasn't-there, which is what always scares me the most. As soon as I see the monster, I'm no longer scared.

I think that some people may find this film boring. It's sort of slow, and there aren't people getting bumped off every few minutes; there's really only two characters in the whole film. But if you really enjoy horror films, I think you'll like this one.

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