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I wasn't that impressed with Rob Zombie's first film House of a 1000 Corpses. It had some style, but overall it didn't do much for me. So when the sequel The Devil's Rejects came out, I wasn't that interested, but being a horror buff I had to check it out. Surprisingly enough, I was blown away.

Being in the mood for a good horror film, I popped it in for a 2nd time. I love that they leave the house behind, take the three best characters out on the road where they can get into all kinds of crazy trouble. A crazy cop, played by the criminally underused William Forsythe, is on their tail. The 70's style filmmaking is top notch. The gore, and total disregard for taste is a plus.

I'm not really looking forward to a remake of the classic Halloween, but Rob Zombie has my attention as a filmmaker to watch.

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