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A romantic comedy in the Sundance vein, you know, quirky acting and multiple characters and story lines. Jay Mohr stars as a man who's about to get married to the girl of his dreams. In a departure from the norm, the girl decides that she hasn't had enough meaningless sex in her life and wants to see other men. He's completely against the idea, feeling he's had his fill. But she wins out and the wackiness ensues. He ends up sleeping with a variety of hotties, that can only happen in the movies for such a "normal" guy. She ends up falling into another relationship. They have a variety of friends that get into witty conversations with them, and we see a bit of their relationships as well.

Despite the pretty predictable set-up, the film is a winner. It kept me laughing at the unrealistic situations. Not a classic, but worth a watch if you're a romantic-comedy fan.

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