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Heavy Metal Parking Lot is a delicious slice of 1980's life. Filmed in the parking lot of a 1986 Judas Priest/Dokken concert. A collection of misfits and burnouts that has never been matched on film. There are so many classic lines. How many other 20-year-old, 16 minute documentaries do you and your friends still quote? None. Only this one. This film is a piece of history and belongs in the Smithsonian.

There are so many memorable characters crammed into such a short amount of time. The 20-year-old dude with the 13-year-old girlfriend, a burnout/redneck staple. The dude in the DC 101 shirt is possibly the most coherent cat in this film: "Priest is the best man!" I love this exchange between the filmmakers and one of the groupies: "Are you fucked up?" "Half and half." The guy in the tiger stripe outfit, that hates punk rock, pure awesomeness. The long pan of everyone lined up is an overload on the senses, you could spend hours dissecting the cast of drunk metalheads frame by frame.

As a child of the 80's these were the guys that I grew up idolizing. By the time I was old enough to go to heavy metal concerts, it was the awkward phase between metal and alt. rock, when Nirvana was just blossoming, and these guys were being phased out. So I never experienced anything like this parking lot. Thanks to this film, I feel like I lived it.

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  1. So... that's where Less Than Jake got the video footage for There's a Metal Head in the Parking lot.

    This is an instant must see for me.

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