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If you've been following this blog, you've obviously noticed the serious lack of movie reviews this summer. That mostly has to do with my new job. I haven't had the time to write, that I did in the not too distant past. I miss writing, but the few spare moments I have, I don't feel like taxing my brain any further. My 140 word Twitter reviews are about all I can handle. I've had some thoughts and one half started attempt at making some video reviews, because I think I'm a better editor than writer, but again the lack of time has stopped me. I hope that you'll check in once and a while and see if I've posted anything new, I don't plan on letting the site die, I feel like it's merely in state of chrysalis and the site will metamorphosis into something better in the future.

For now please check out DenizenTV - It's the website I've been working for the last 6 months or so. Based in Ashland, Oregon, we've been creating some worth-while projects, doing interviews with interesting people and creating mini-documentaries. I think it's some high quality stuff and I've been doing a good chunk of the editing.

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