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#2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - As a kid, just the title alone freaked me out. That title haunted me, it just sounded like an awful film. My friends, who I don't think had seen it for themselves, kept telling me that it was a true story, which made it that much worse. I didn't get to see it for a few more years, probably when I was about 12-13. I hardly wanted to press play on our VCR, just it's reputation alone had me freaked out, but i had to see it for myself. The film did not disappoint in the least, it felt so horribly violent that I was disturbed for years. But I loved every minute of that torturous first viewing and of course I had to watch it many more times over the years.

Even now this movie unsettles me. It's so brilliantly made; realistic and visceral. It feels more like a documentary than a fictional film. Still one of my top 5 horror films.

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