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I just learned that YouTube has permanently removed my What I Watched Last Night account, wiping out a year's worth of video uploads. Over 150 trailers and clips all posted for this blog. I won't bother complaining, as I was technically doing something "illegal", although I'm only one of a million other folks doing the exact same thing on YouTube. I won't bother uploading any more videos, I don't want to put in the time to have the same thing happen again. So for a while you'll find a lot of broken videos here. I'll try to replace them with others, but unfortunately a lot of them were original cut scenes made by me.

Oh well, worse things could happen.

1 Response to Freaking YouTube:

  1. That's some bullshit! Ridiculous. How is having trailers and video clips going to hurt Hollywood. YouTube, Wag of the Finger!