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Being way behind on my reviews, thought I'd catch up on a bunch of movies I watched over the last couple months, while I was out of commission doing a couple of big editing projects. Trying to think up a fun quick way to write a bunch of reviews, I thought of doing them Haiku style. Probably not the most original of ideas, and may turn out to be much harder than I imagined, as I haven't written any haiku's since I was high school. Let's see how this goes.

Once Upon a Crime

Had not seen before
All-star cast make black comedy
Eugene Levy shoots

- Grade: C+


U.S. corrupt laws
Jake and Reese get serious
Tears and blood are shed

- Grade: B-


Brutal crash opens
Girls climb into the darkness
Eaten by mutants

- Grade: B+

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Classic from eighties
Still funny decades later
John Hughes at his best

- Grade: A


Blair Witch with budget
Huge monster attacks New York
People die and cry

- Grade: B (Original Review)

Talladega Nights

Will Ferrell drives fast
Wild cougar locked in the car
Nascar proves funny

- Grade: C+

We're Going to Eat You

Kung fu cannibals
Surprised by film's quality
Kick ass funny fights

- Grade: B+

Night of the Hunter

Good and evil as one
Cheesy acting prominent
Classic? hardly true

- Grade: C


Guy Ritchie gets deep
Jason Stathom wears bad wig
Time and space questioned

- Grade: C+

Local Hero

Man coming of age
Beautiful Scottish scenery
Ageless feel good film

- Grade: B+

10,000 BC

Mammoths built Egypt
Caveman with six-pack and dreads
Worst movie ever?

- Grade: F

Free Willy

Whale of black and white
Kid of annoying acting
Decent family film

- Grade: C+

Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean's classic film
You're tearing me apart
Worth watching again

- Grade: B+


Scary Thai ghost film
Photos unravel mystery
Nothing new but ending

- Grade: C+

The Fist Foot Way

Absurd and funny
McBride new comedy star
A kick in the nuts

- Grade: B


Heston's son directs
Charlton chews the scenery
Bear and kids are cute

- Grade: C+

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