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eRATicate was the first film I ever made. It was finished only six years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago, in how far I've come in terms of my filmmaking skills. I'd always had an interest in making films, but never had the nerve to do it, till I came up with this idea and a new friend of mine, who was a film student, pushed me to go ahead and make it. Lending me his knowledge, super-8 camera, and skill as a cinematographer. I'm glad he did, because I may never have gotten off my ass to do so, and I wouldn't be able to make a living as an editor today.

It always bugged me how dull and gray this film looked, it's not the look I intended. It was shot on B&W super-8, and then transfered about the worst way possible, by pointing a video camera at a projection of it. Something came over me recently, and I spent some time going over it, correcting the lighting and contrast, making it true B&W, darking some scenes and lightening some others. I had an urge to re-edit it as well, the film is too loose for my current tastes, but laid off, because I wanted to leave it as a reminder of where I started and the music behind it is one written piece and I didn't want to cut that up as well.

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