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This was my most looked forward to film of the summer that I didn't get a chance to see in the theater. Judd Aptow continues in his tradition of mixing raunchy comedy with realistic heart. But again he falls in love with too much of his footage. Just like 40-Year-Old Virgin the film is about twenty minutes too long, and it drags the film down just a bit. Both could of been all-time-comedy classics at about an hour forty, instead both serve as comedy high-marks for the years they were released.

Seth Rogen is great in the lead, he is very convincing as a stoner/slacker. All his buddies are hilarious as well. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are great as the married couple. Her moment when he asks her if she wants to have sex tonight, and she responds with an "Uggh!" was so perfect. It pretty much sums up married life with kids, with one sound. Katherine Heigl was the weakest link, she wasn't bad, but didn't add much to the film besides being hot.

Definitely a film I watch every few years.

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  1. glad to know i wasn't the only one who:

    a) was really looking forward to the new jud apatow movie, and...
    b) missed it in theaters