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I loved the original as a kid, I believe it was the first movie I ever saw where the good guys didn't win in the end. The 90's version called The Body Snatchers was good too. With a 4th one coming out in theaters, I was interested in watching the 1978 version again, as I'd only seen it once before and didn't really remember it that well.

There's something about this story that lends itself to good cinema, because it too is a great film. Each are a testament to their own era and the paranoia's of the time. I love Donald Sutherland in the lead role, his denial at what's going on lasts longer than the other leads, he keeps insisting there's another explination, until it is far too late. The scene where he awakens to find his double growing in the garden along with his friends is creepy and classic. Maybe the best of the bunch.

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